ELITE 265/370 EDTR


The Elite 265/370 eDTR is a shaping system for cutting, splitting and rewinding pre-printed substrates.

It has been designed with the latest servomotor technology, which keeps the register even during acceleration or deceleration.

The automatic re-register system allows the operator to adjust the cut in a minimum of time. Once the register is established, it will be maintained throughout the production.

Technical Characteristics

  • Width: 300 mm or 410 mm
  • Rotary cutting station, cutting width 265 mm or 370 mm
  • Automated servo motorized register system
  • Easy adjustment with self-learning mode
  • Priority mode advance or manual delay
  • Speed: 160 m / min
  • 2000 meter linear uncoiler
  • Electromagnetic brake, with ultrasonic compensation cell and end of coil cell
  • Adjustable connection table with double pneumatic grippers
  • Pressure roll
  • Weeding rewinder with electronic torque control
  • 1 set of cutting tool adapters (customer’s choice)
  • Rotating slitting cassette, with 3 sets of knives and knives
  • Rewinder with electronic torque control and interchangeable chucks, delivered with 76 mm chuck
  • Tag counter and metric with preprogrammed slowdown and stop functions
  • Rewinding clockwise and counterclockwise
  • Electronic band guide with ultrasound cell