Elite 410/450 iSR


The Elite 410/450 iSR is a compact, robust, fast and eco-energetic equipment, with a speed of 300 m / min and running on a single 13 Amp 230 V socket.

The set of accessories such as the label rewinder, has as standard the rewinding functions of very high technology.

The LCD screen allows the operator to program the machine quickly and efficiently. The automatic uncoiler and rewinder tension control do not require operator intervention once programmed, maximizing operator productivity.

Technical Characteristics

  • Width: 410 mm or 450 mm
  • 2000 meter linear uncoiler with pneumatic chuck
  • Electromagnetic brake, with ultrasonic compensation cell and end of coil cell
  • Speed: up to 300 m / min
  • Rotating slitting cassette, with 3 sets of knives and knives
  • Inspection table with fixed clamps
  • Adjustable connection table with double pneumatic grippers
  • Servo-mounted rewinder with interchangeable pneumatic chuck, (customer’s choice)
  • Label counter and metric counter with slowdown and stop functions
  • Rewinding clockwise and counterclockwise
  • Electronic tape guide with ultrasonic cell