Report – GIC changes gears
10 March 2022
At the end of November, the Open House was organized by Bruno Vitali and his son Franck, near Coulommiers in Faremoutiers (77). When you say a week, it was actually nine days. 9 days where the manufacturer and distributor GIC was able to show the range Cards and other finishing machines to its customers and those who could become so!

It was nice to see Bruno Vitali in his new premises. Located not very far from the old ones, all beautiful and especially larger, since they now cover an area of 2000 m2. And it was nice to meet Franck Vitali, his son who, after having occupied all the functions of the company, joined his father at the helm of the structure. We recognize Bruno Vitali’s desire to train his successor as well as possible and above all to ensure the continuity of quality service for his clients. It is successful, Franck Vitali already has the roundness of contact and in addition experience.


In December 2020, the GIC team moved into its new building with a larger production capacity, but health circumstances forced it to delay the inauguration until the Open House. This first edition of the Open House week was of course focused on new technologies, in particular those deployed by the Italian manufacturer Cartes in its new cutting and finishing machines, which GIC distributes for the French market. It is intended to be renewed and it is not the 150 visitors who will oppose it so much the event, sober and warm, was appreciated, we could see it by exchanging with some participants from the regions to discover the 10 facilities presented, unpublished GIC but also from its partners Cartes and Bar Graphic Machinery.


The GIC Concept brand is available in 3 machine ranges: the Taginnov range, especially for the insertion of RFID, the Dyxee range, dedicated to the finishing for labels and packaging; finally, the Digiline range for the finishing of digital prints in the broad sense since with a maximum width of 520 mm, the Digiline range can also be used in finishing for transactional printing, transpromo (the continuous as we said in time) and even for the book and other related works. Thanks to the Taginnov modules, GIC, pioneer of RFID since its beginnings, has a wide know-how for dry or wet labels, in encoding and reading chips. Participants were able to discover two Taginnov lines, one in converting ready to be delivered and the other still in production, with its brand new control platform. RFID is finding more and more applications in everyday life, especially with the appearance a few years ago of passive antennas that have simplified its development. Beyond pure logistics, it facilitates stock management, traceability and the fight against counterfeiting.

Franck Vitali, GIC Technical Director

“This first edition of the Open House focused on new technologies.” Franck Vitali

But it’s not just RFID in life. For more and more label applications (IML, booklets, etc.), GIC offers elaborate cutting equipment. Two lines from the Dyxee range were also on display: the Dyxee Cut 350 finishing line in semi-rotary version with flexo and slit group.

Recently launched, the Dyxee 440IML for the finish dedicated to the In Mould Label (IML), powerful enough to cut dry BOPP labels and equipped with a non-stop stacker. With all due respect to Vitali father and son, despite the quality and reputation of the GIC equipment, we came to see the Cartes range. And we must admit that we were not disappointed with the GT line presented with almost all its options! This GT360 is a completely modular machine dedicated to the finishing and finishing of labels.

It offers many options such as hot gilding, cold gilding, screen printing group, embossing, etc. The line can also be equipped with the Jet D Screen Digital Finishing Unit for coating up to 800 microns in variable data, which makes it a complement for all label printers looking for distinctive capabilities for their customers. It is true that the understandable desire to obtain the maximum impact on the shelf implies the use of ever more advanced techniques, and the laying of varnish is one of these techniques, because like digital printing it allows all creative fantasies.

Another novelty is the semi-rotary cutting unit entirely developed by Cartes with the Air Gap systems to adjust the height between the cutting plate and the counterpart, and IDS for the reuse of already existing cutting plates, depending on the material used.

” A first edition that we hope will become a regular and awaited appointment.”

Franck Vitali


Not far from the GT, in the new showroom one could see the new digital finishing line «GE362JJ» composed of two Jet D-Screen modules. The machine, which has never been presented at the trade fair, shows that a finishing line can be extremely compact and computerized, while at the same time multiplying the possible combinations. And the Italian design is not an empty word. Give me the expression but it has a hell of a face! Two Gemini presses were also on display, the first very traditional and a second one configured with laser cutting with changing runs on the fly. A pioneer for 30 years, Cartes has a real mastery of laser source cutting. The manufacturer has developed the ILC technology of cutting on the back to avoid the appearance of white edges on any substrate. Second advantage, and not least, this line allows to process different jobs afterwards on the same printed reel thanks to its QR-code reading system associated with the preset of the diagram of the following drawing, so it is possible to make labels of different shapes on the fly!



GIC also addresses the white label market with its British partner Bar Graphic Machinery and presented at the Open House a reconditioner for the manufacture of neutral label in coil. A fast and efficient solution, it has a 2,000-metre debugger and a housing for the horizontal magnetic cylinder to facilitate installation.

The GIC Innovation Week will have enabled more than 150 participants from France and Europe to discover more than a dozen finishing and finishing lines. It was also a real moment of sharing reinforced by the atmosphere between the two family companies and collaborators, GIC and Cartes. It was also an opportunity for GIC to inaugurate its new premises. “A first edition that we hope will become a regular and awaited appointment.” said Franck Vitali at the end of the Open House. In any case, we will be there to see the novelties, next year if all goes well.

Jean Poncet, ETIQ&PACK n°149, November 2021