The GEMINI series, a new border in digital finishing: versatility, performance, waste reduction, ability to save all finishing parameters and recall them quickly, reduced power consumption thanks to the ICBT technology and the regeneration of energy.

Equipped with the AGS (Air Gap System) system, the machine offers milling precision

GEMINI offers various applications such as flexo varnishing, semi-rotary cutting, digital finishing and laser cutting.

Technical characteristics

Web width

  • 100 mm – 360 mm


Maximum unwinding roll diameter

  • Up to 800 mm


Minimum slitting width

  • 15 mm


Maximum matrix stripping roll diameter

  • 600 mm


Flexo varnishing unit

  • Maximum repeat length up to 350 mm
  • Maximum speed full-rotary 150 m/min


Semi-rotary die cutting unit

  • Maximum speed semi-rotary 100 m/min
  • Maximum speed full-rotary 180 m/min
  • Maximum die cutting repeat 500 mm
  • Maximum die cutting repeat using the IDS 600 mm
  • Magnetic cylinder 566 mm
  • Flexible dies thickness range from 0,2 mm to 2 mm
  • Maximum repeat length up to 420 mm


Laser die cutting unit

  • Working area 350 x ∞
  • Working area with ILC 330 x ∞
  • Laser power (single source) 350 W
  • Laser power (double source) 350 W + 350 W
  • Cutting path speed up to 700 m/min
  • Maximum web speed 180 m/min
  • Applications paper and plastic films