4 December 2019
Creation of the “Label French Tech Club”
8 July 2020

The French equipment manufacturers pool their efforts

The sudden arrival of a health crisis coupled with a strong and rapid contraction of the economy, leads us to review our perspectives and take the time to exchange, to get closer to each other, either personally and professionally. As French manufacturers of industrial equipment for printers and converters, mainly adhesive labels, we have therefore decided to discuss together, to pool our efforts, to exchange our best practices and to support each other to pass this complicated step. For our businesses, and especially for our customers. CODIMAG, G.I.C, M.G.I, SERAME and SMAG wish to continue to serve their customers in a difficult period, especially for those working with the food and pharmaceutical chains. And in order for our customers to continue producing, they need our consumables, spare parts and new machines to be installed. We do not have the miracle solution, but we may know a forwarding company, a machining expert, a partner, a contact or any other person that can be of service. Some of us are present in various countries, including countries that have passed the “peak”, and therefore have a look at the after and recovery of activity. Some of us have stored consumables that may miss to others. Some were also able to buy masks for all of us. We collectively believe that we will take this step together. We are available for you, and wish you good luck and good health. Edmond ABERGEL – M.G.I Benoît DEMOL – CODIMAG Charles DERNONCOURT – SERAME Stéphane RATEAU – SMAG Bruno VITALI – G.I.C